whistleblower and avant-garde

What´s avant-garde today

If you ask about avant-garde today, you have to think about a long time. Just to long. So what is that concrete? How can art materialize today? Paul Klee an artist in 20. century said, that art is, to show what nobody see before. To make the invisible visible. That´s true. What on earth is invisible these days?

Activist and whistleblower

Julian Assange and the art to publish „secrets“

There is a certain irony in the fact that the australien Activist Julian Assange became famous about his Artwork „WikiLeaks“. This Performance starting since 2006 and is called a disclosure-platform. There he´s showing public e-mails of employees of the american government. A special feedback of his performance was to wear an electronic tag and to live in a real Embassy. Great work!

Edward Snowdon and the art of giving information

The alumni american technic-employee of CIA,NSA and DIA presented insights of the work of the american intelligence. With this Artwork he warmed up a familiar feeling of cold war. The resonance was to light the blue touchpaper formally known as an affair of surveillance. Since that time everybody in the world got the uncertain feeling of data monitoring in every internet-activity. Today he´s given asylum by Russia. When he stays there longer than five years he would become an russian citizen. Great work!


kind of courage - Julian Assange is avant-garde

kind of courage – Julian Assange is avant-garde

he got balls like none - Edward Snowden is avant-garde

he got balls like none – Edward Snowden is avant-garde


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