be different

do not meet the high demanding

The epistemological of unconsiousness didn´t help, to be a higher beings. On the contrary it´s motivate to live by instincts and to give up all the belletristic ambitions. What remains of all the differents between a yeast cell and human being. Not much with looking on the evolution and genetic level.

For donkey´s years

to be or not to be different

to be or not to be different

Today it´s hard to recognize that apes and all the other primates are having so many basic behaviors as we and we treated them so badly a long time ago.

What´s the different to you and apes. Whats really intelligence.

In evolution view its the fact that a species can survive. In that way the most intelligent creatures are crocodile, shark and many others. Because they´re existing a very long time on this planet. Whats their strategy. It can´t be the size of their brain.

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