In the name of art

Untitled, Puppy, Pink Panther or for the love of God…

No you are not in a variety store. This downright ridiculous appellations belong to products of the contemporary art market. Welcome in „The 12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark – The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art“ by Don Thompson (2008).

Thompsons look insight of all functions and structures of contemporary art market will you rudely awakened in your dressed-up imagination about art and culture today. Maybe, maybe not.

Art is Money

How high, higher and highest the sums of an artwork brings such as those at an auction is an indication for art value. So it isn´t the divine purpose, the attainment or something else, it´s just the money game assess round a round of art.

„Money complicates everything. I have a genuine belief that art is more powerful currency than money – that´s the romantic feeling that an artist has. But you start to have this sneaking feeling that money is more powerful.“

Damien Hirst, artist



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