Koi fish a carp investment

What is cold, dumb and to be worth a lot of money?

Koi the living piece of art

By now Koi aren´t a phenomenon of Japan. Many people especially the rich one like these fish. Kois are considered into an object of desire. This prestige is reaching a sum of money like 500.000 dollar. But why got a fish such a „must have“ status with an upward tendency.

Colorful Career

Once a delecios dish, today an extraordinary breeding with a special fan group called „koi kichi“. They love to tell the tale of metomorphosis in which kois were swimming a waterfall upwards and tranforming into a dragon.
Beautyness, intelligence and power as a unity in one fish. Kois also are venerated by Yakuzo who decorade their body with koi-tatoos. So if you want to go in fish business you have to buy this carp in a very young stage and breed them up. They got a long lifespan of roundabout eighty years so they are also hereditable.

Koi a expensive fish affair

Koi a expensive fish affair


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